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Christopher Hidalgo

Chris is a member of the 2024 class. His main interests are art, music, and writing. As someone who struggles with his own issues, he also likes to help people and hopes that he can do just that through his writing.  A note to the reader from Chris: "I hope that as you read some of the articles, you find the news, entertainment, and help you need."

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**Worry. Wake up covered in sweat. Get ready. Take a deep breath. Keep going.

Fear. All eyes are on you. Dont panic. Countdown from 5. Move on.

Pressure. You aren’t good enough. Be better. Think happy thoughts. Onwards.

Suffer. Don’t make another mistake. Feel weak. Perform a smile. Leave now. 

Panic. This place isn’t home. Body accelerates. Cry for a bit. Repeat tomorrow.**

Feeling Anxious?

November 18, 2021
Dont Be Perfect

Don’t Be Perfect

October 15, 2021
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Christopher Hidalgo