Don’t Be Perfect

Dont Be Perfect

Christopher Hidalgo

Let me recite you all

 the lecture I’ve wished I’ve learned sooner: 


It’s a simple declaration . 

Don’t reach for the stars.

That’s the gods’ work.

And we are not gods.

We are built from cells

That have locked us from heaven on earth.

Don’t kill yourself over hours upon hours 

Of trying to do the impossible.

We overachievers will attempt to,

Even if we know our limitations.

We don’t know how to go with the flow.

Instead, we make our own flow,

A separate unsteady flow,

That rams and tussles us until we wreck.

Interpret this as you will:

We apply pressure to ourselves

Some stay coal.

Some become diamonds.

And some of us shatter to pieces.

Pieces that have no value.

Value with no peace.

We perfectionists should not be looked up to. 

Our work is made out of agony.

We are the embodiment of stress and torture.

We don’t know who we are.

We aren’t satisfied with ourselves.

We expect more from ourselves, 

And we don’t realize we are enough. 

We have prevented ourselves from doing the most human action:

Making mistakes.

We need to start making mistakes.

We need to start learning.

We need to start seeking a balance between

What we need to do

And what we like to do. 

We need to accept our best and not overdo this.

We need to start living.

Instead of feeling like the world ends when we fail our highness.

I know the pain, 

But we need to get to work.

Cause if you have the ability to be happy,

You should do it.

As a wise tutor told me

“Even if you miss the stars,

You are still in the vast galaxy.”