The CI Renaissance Part 2

Chris Smith H

It’s been a few months now, but the display cases have changed and new art is being displayed. Have you guys looked at it? Well, in case you haven’t or you want to see it again, that’s what we are here to do. As I told you in Part 1, which you should check HERE, this series is intended to show the artwork created by CI’s very own Musketeers. So, without further adieu, let’s see some of the masterpieces made as of recently. 


The two pictures below come from Mrs. Darby’s Craft classes and Drawing and Painting class. The cups you see in the display are part of a woven basket project, where students take different colored yarns and make some decorative baskets. The jewelry in the display case was made by her Advance Crafts class, in which they used all sorts of beads, charms, and wires to make these awesome and wearable designs. Finally, the canvas you see hanging up is part of a Hard Edge painting project her Advanced Drawing and Painting class worked on, in which students used shapes and color schemes to create incredible pieces.

The next four pictures are from Mrs. Castelli’s Advanced Studio in Art Class. On the wall of the display case, you see there are several beautiful and detailed Food Art paintings, where students used acrylic paints to create elegant and realistic artworks. At the bottom of the case, we see there are scratchboard projects, in which students used several tools and brushes to create detailed and majestic animal drawings. 


Finally, the last few pictures are from Mrs. Perez Drawing and Painting Classes and Sculpting classes. At the top of the showcase, we see Mrs. Perez students had the opportunity to work with pastel to create photo-real and astonishing pictures. At the bottom of the showcase, her Sculpting class uses clay to create these figures that each hold their own meaning and charm. 

Again, if you have the time to do so, please go to the 400s and take the time to look at some of the artwork being displayed. Students work hard on these projects and it will be well liked if you take a few minutes of your busy day and focus on their masterpieces. If you can too, go to the artists that comprised these projects and tell them how amazing they and their projects are.