The CI Renaissance

Part I


Chris Smith H

Often here in CI, we don’t take enough time to acknowledge the art that is being created in the building. Sure, it’s shown in show cases, but do you stop and take a look at it? That’s why with these articles titled, The CI Renaissance, we will be showing the artwork created by students in this building. Hopefully, over time, people will slow down in the halls and appreciate the talent and hard work students put into their craft.

The first three pictures are from Mrs. Darby’s Craft and Advanced Drawing and Painting classes. In the crafts class, students were learning about different types of baskets and managed to create woven baskets using cups and yarn to make creative designs. In the drawing class, students learned about Georgia O’ Keeffe, who is an artist well-known for their flower paintings. Students in this class got to choose their own flower and paint it on a canvas, leading to some beautiful creations.  

The next two pictures come from Mrs. Castelli’s Studio in Art class. In this class, students learned about facial anatomy, learning where certain parts of the face were located. Students then used this knowledge to make self-portraits of themselves in black and white, again leading to some marvelous and realistic drawings. 

After that, we go to Mrs. Perez’s Drawing and Painting class, where students were learning about Mixed Media. In this, students had to learn how to draw from observation using a pair of scissors. Then, after being taught different forms of art, students incorporated that knowledge to make mixed media pieces. Also, In this showcase, there are some mixed media pieces that also use old recycled drawings that were made by students, leading to a completely new piece of art.

Finally, we see Mrs. Huber’s Creative Craft class. In this class, students learned about macrame designs and knots. With this, students were able to go above and beyond to make absolutely incredible designs with these new skills shown to them. 

If you have time, please stop down by the art hallway by the cafeteria and take the time to look at these masterpieces made from CI students just like you and me. And if you like any, tell the artist who made them how great they are, as it can really make someone’s day.