A Woman’s Right


Victoria Torres, Writer

Since the dawn of time women have experienced treatment that puts them in uncomfortable situations. It sometimes appears that men think women are theirs to treat as they please, much like property. This attitude was even suggested in our laws until as recently as 1920 when women were finally given the right to vote. While policies took centuries to be recognized, women have always stayed strong and independent. They should not have to deal with being treated in any other way.

Women are often harassed and say nothing for the simple fact that they are scared of whether or not anyone will listen. There is also a fear of some kind of negative effect in making a report. Based on a 2003 study that found that 75% of employees who spoke out against harassment faced some form of retaliation. This fear is not irrational. Due to a combination of reasons, a 2016 study by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that only 6% to 13% of individuals who experience harassment file a formal complaint. (Read the entire study here.)

Is this what society has came to? That women are made to feel that it’s acceptable to feel uncomfortable? That it is just part of the life of a woman? Hear this, sisters: NO! It is not okay to be treated like you are inferior. If someone treats you this way, you do not need them in your life preying on your peace and happiness. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, let them know. No person should make you feel powerless; not a stranger, not your boss, not your best friend, and not a partner.

You have a right to say no; a right to deny them the opportunity to destroy your happiness.