Inside Clubs


Jack Lopez and Carlos D. Melendez

Inside Newspaper Club

In the Newspaper Club they write stories about anything and everything. The room is constantly filled with movement and energy. The club meets every Thursday in Room 606. Newspaper Club has a very comfortable and welcoming environment according to their current Secretary, Rochelle Elliott. The students are constantly working and trying to find new ways to engage with their audiences. If you have any questions or want to join you can talk to Mrs. Schmalacker in Room 606.


Inside Math Club

In the Math Club they participate in a competition once a month, and play board games that are math related, (they’re fun I swear.) The club meets every Monday in Room 210. “It’s a group of dedicated and intelligent scholars who are looking to deepen their understanding of math and compete in competitions with other districts.” As told by the Math Club advisor, Mr. Kline. If you have any questions or want to join, you can talk to Mr. Kline. 


Inside Chess Club

In the Chess Club they play the famous board game with each other. It is a club for experienced players, or players who are willing to learn the game. The game of chess can seem quite difficult to understand at first sight, but it is thrilling when you understand it a bit, and when you play with a person on your same level. The Chess Club’s advisor is Mr. Alpers, and they meet every Monday in the Library.