Life Skills Class Serves Up Gratitude


Jack Lopez

The Life Skills Class thank maintenance and custodial for their brand new kitchen with a Gratitude Breakfast.  This kitchen is an improvement for the Life Skills students as part of the program is learning basic skills like cooking, gardening, and communication skills. These classes contain students from the ages of 12-21. You may have seen the Life Skills students around the school collecting bottles for recycling. The students and teachers want to give a special thank you to all the teachers and students for their support with the recycling program. The funds used from collecting those bottles were used for the gratitude breakfast and the best thing on the menu: Donuts!

When the heating system blew in some classes around the 500 wing last year, Mr. Diaz’s classroom, Room 505,  was required to have a renovation. The kitchen, originally made in 1972, was originally used as a kitchen for a Home Economics class. However, about 20 years ago the class was reduced and since then has been used as a classroom for the Life Skills students. Custodial and maintenance only had 8 weeks to demolish and rebuild everything while also taking care of everything else in the school.  Along with the new kitchen now being wheelchair accessible,  the class also got new floors, walls, and ceilings. As Mr. Mc Master said, “

An accident actually brought upon a good thing

— Mr. Mc Master

.” The students have been able to use this kitchen to make breakfast every Friday. 

During the gratitude breakfast, they had a hostess greeting everyone. Multiple people who work in custodial and maintenance came in along with other teachers. 

Mr. Mc Master explained other programs they offer, including the T.O.E.S program. The program has students volunteer in the community and the program was able to provide students jobs.  They have past students who work in Bravo, the Garage Deli, and a Rainbow store. Sadly, COVID affected the program and they are waiting to get the program up and running again. 

Mrs. Morris, who works with the students on the communication aspect of the class, was very excited about the Life Skills class’ plans to start selling Dictionary Gratitude Bracelets. These bracelets are made with old dictionaries, where they cut out inspiring words and put them on the bracelets. These are some of the many upcycle craft events that they have. (If you have any old dictionaries you would like to donate, please drop them off in room 505.)