Having a Blast at Safe Halloween!


Berley Jean Paul and Toni-Ann Bernard

On the evening of October 27 2022, Central Islip High School hosted its annual Safe Halloween event. The event invites a safe and friendly environment for the children and parents of the Central Islip community. Sarah Sosa, one of the several high school volunteers says, “I think it’s a great thing for the kids, and is a great way to teach them that Halloween isn’t just about being scary. It’s a great way to show them that Halloween can be fun and safe at the same time.”  Safe Halloween is such a useful and fun event that truly will never get old. It gives children a glimpse of the high school that they are soon to go to, and introduces them to teachers and staff members they shall soon meet. The parents are able to walk around with their kids without fear and they are given a sense of security while their kids have a blast. One of the security guards present at the event, Will Brown, says,

“This is awesome and very safe.” ”

— Will Brown, Security Guard

For such a traditional and immense event the activities must be kept fresh and exciting for new or recurring attendees every year. Like previous years, kids all up and down the hallways of the new wing were beyond ecstatic to receive sweet treats from the generous Central Islip students who volunteer for the event.  Several clubs get their own rooms in the new wing to host their own activities and spooky surprises for the guests. The Sophomore Club room had paper bag pumpkin making activities for the kids. The Student Council room hosted just dance and gave all the guests an opportunity to show off their spooky dance moves! The NAACP Club room included several activities and games like toss the ring. The Central Islip Teachers Association room had several creative activities like a spin the wheel game which gave the kids an opportunity to win prizes, arts and crafts activities, and guessing games. The GSA Club room had the children making their own bracelets, masks and magnets. The PTSA Club room had a grand cookie decorating area that was packed no matter when you went in! The FBLA Club room included classic childhood games like hopscotch and tic tac toe. The Senior Club room had such a creative puppet show area and included painting and many other games for the kids. Most popularly, the music wing held thrilling rounds of musical chairs which gave participants an opportunity to win yummy treats like twinkies and snack cakes. When asked what their favorite Safe Halloween activity was, Mya, another volunteer answered, “Personally, for the past 2 years I have been doing [Safe Halloween], I love the musical chairs in the music room. That’s what I like the most.” 

Safe Halloween gives students of Central Islip High School an opportunity to connect with their community and entertain the younger generations of Central Islip. While many have volunteered all years of their high school career, many decided to start this year. Stephanie, a senior volunteer, says, “It’s my first and last and I feel like it’s a new experience. I’ve never done this before but I’m having a good time.” When asked how they were liking Safe Halloween so far, another senior volunteer, Talim Golden says, “I like it, it’s actually really fun, I thought it was going to be boring but it’s not!” There was so much great feedback from volunteers and attendees of the event. Francisca Alabau, a Spanish teacher and the organizer of Safe Halloween along with  other several amazing events and activities hosted at Central Islip High School, left a heartwarming message when asked about the event. Mrs. Alabau plans to retire next year and when asked how she feels about this being her last Safe Halloween she says, “It’s bittersweet, it has grown so much since I’ve been a part of student council. Every year it has been getting better and better and better. Hopefully the next person that takes over makes it even better.”