Quick Chat with Mr. Haruthunian!


Chymaiya Ashe

Mr. Haruthunian just finished up his first month of being our principal so we wanted to learn a little bit more about him. He was born in Queens and lived there until he was 8. At that time he moved to Bethpage, in Nassau County, where he graduated from high school– and married his high school sweetheart!

When asked about his experience in CI so far, he said he thinks the school and kids are awesome and he really loves the positive vibe in the school.  What originally drew him to our school was our diversity, which is something many students also say is a huge benefit of attending CI High School. He touted our teachers saying that he really enjoys working with them and that he collaborates with them all of the time.  In speaking about spirit week, we got the impression that he wants us to have as much fun as possible during our high school years, but we have to follow the rules while we do it.

What left the biggest impression on this writer was the huge bowl of candy that he has in his office!! Very thoughtful, Mr. H!!