Let’s Parade Like the Day Will Never End!

Lets Parade Like the Day Will Never End!

Chris Hidalgo and Faraz Salim

After almost a month of preparation, Homecoming finally came home. On September 24, CI students and staff hit the streets of Wheeler Rd to give a spectacular performance to the community. 

Prior to 12:30, the Musketeers were at work, making last minute preparations and changes for the parade. Class clubs were decorating floats, the marching band were practicing their music, the Color-guard and cheerleading team were warming up, and etc. By 12, everyone assembled at the C Town parking lot, where floats were judged by CI staff and where performers lined up for the show. Families were gathered up on sidewalks to watch the marvelous Musketeers parade. 

At 12:30, the streets were closed and the parade began. Leading the parade were CI staff with Senior King Denis Jean Baptiste. Following them were the marching band, who with accompaniment of the Color-guard, performed songs like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj’s “Beauty and a Beat,” Ariana Grande and Jesse J’s “Bang Bang,” Cardi B and Bad Bunny’s “I Like It”, and Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

After a wonderful while of entertainment by instruments, dancing, and banners, the gears shifted, with students from across the school district coming to represent their school. These young Musketeers with their parents and staff walked the streets with great cheer, as this is an experience they may never forget.

The performances didn’t stop there, as occurring right after this, Reed stepped in to give a small show to enlighten the audience. Coming behind them came CI Cheerleaders, who through their cheer and uplift were able to motivate and rally up the crowd even more. Members of CI’s Cross-Country team even set foot on the parade to represent what the community has to offer.

It was at this point in the parade where floats were introduced to the public so that people can admire the teamwork and craftsmanship of the students. First float up was the Freshman Club’s Twister-based float. Mrs. Murphy and the class of 2026 manage to make a colorful and balloon abundant float. Next up was Mrs. Smalls’ and Mrs. Schmalacker’s Sophomore Club, who created a stunning Game of Life inspired float, consisting of a lot of vibrant designs and drawings. Then came Mrs. Mauro’s, Mr. Pacholik’s, and Mrs. Denise’s Junior Club, who recreated the jungle for their Jumanji-based float. Last but certainly not least, the Senior class’ float, led by Mrs. Villatoro and Mr. Ehrhardt, arrived at the parade. The Senior class rode on a Candyland float, cheering “SENIORS” throughout the way. 

By 1:00, the parade arrived at the High School, giving their last remarks in time for the Homecoming game to start. Overall, based on everyone’s reaction, both from members participating in the parade and people watching the parade, it is safe to say that Homecoming is a great way to raise people’s spirits for the start of the 2022-2023 school year.