Smarty Pants!


Many may not be aware, but Teacher Appreciation Week happened this month. With the help of their coach, Alicia Kennedy, the girls lacrosse team honored the teachers in our school. Tenth graders Madison Leddy, Aundria Carter, and Gabriela Romero were walking around the halls with their bucket of hand-crafted goodies for teachers. They made cards that said “Thanks for making us smarty pants” with a package of Smarties attached.

This might not seem like a big deal, but teachers were so moved by this gesture. Mrs. Schmalacker said, “It’s not about the candy. It is about the thought and effort that went into making us feel like our efforts are appreciated. This really was so sweet…pun intended.”

These cards did more than just thank teachers for making them smarty pants; they showed how smart the team is as well. On the back of the cards, the team wrote the information for their Senior Game.  This was a great idea to build up a crowd to support them as they finish up a season and celebrate their graduating teammates.