Let’s Talk Tea

The Fence

Nelly Monasterolo, Writer

This week, the halls were a buzz with people chattering over the recently built fence. So I decided to tackle the subject and talk tea with two students about their feelings on it. These interviewees had polar opposite opinions on the matter, with one liking it and the other not so much. The ladder didn’t see the point in it because she believed it doesn’t help, there are still many ways around it. The former believed it makes the school feel more secure because it makes entrance on to the property tougher than before. She also stated that she believes the fence’s purpose is to both, keep students in and potentially dangerous people out, this feeling was expressed by both of the respondents. What really interested me was the different responses I got to the question of if students should have a say in decisions like these. Although they both agreed that the students never have a say in it, one argued it should be that way because we, as students, aren’t paying for it, while the other thought that since we are the ones going to the school we should’ve been asked. On another note, they both definitely thought that the money should’ve gone into other things such as air conditioning and speakers for the gym and better technology along with new books. As you can see from these two conversations I was able to have, it can be assumed that the general opinion of students over the fence is divided. I hope you enjoyed reading our very first entry! Remember to check in on Let’s Talk Tea next week for our upcoming hot topic.

This week’s interviewee: wished to remain anonymous