Bathroom Policy


Nathaly Martinez

We all use the bathroom. It’s a natural thing; no need to be ashamed. However,  in school we are only allowed to go in the middle of class. Our urges don’t know what time it is— sometimes we just need to go! Whether it is in between periods or in the first and last five minutes, shouldn’t we be allowed to go?

Adora, a 9th grader, says, “Maybe the first five minutes should not be allowed because of attendance issues.” This is a possible reason why bathrooms are not open between periods and the first and last five minutes, but is that the case for everyone? Some of us just really need to go. In fact, some of us do not want to miss any instruction. By going at the very beginning or very end of class it is less likely that we will miss something important.

Rachelle C, also a 9th grader, brings up another point. She said, “You should be allowed [to go to the bathroom] anytime because of bladder problems or menstrual cycles.” She makes a great. According to the Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania, holding in your pee occasionally can one day lead to an infection or increase your risk of kidney disease. In rare cases it can even risk your bladder bursting! In addition, girls missing school due to their menstrual cycle is a worldwide problem. To add to it with these bathroom policies is something to think about.

While skipping class  is a big problem in our school, there are issues with the bathroom policy as well.  Medical concerns, instructional time, and attendance should all be considered.